Brand Discovery
& Direction

Discover your truth, feed purpose into your brand, then grow while aligned to your vision.


Create Brand Alignment

Your key to forward momentum is brand alignment. We’ve developed a formula using a 3 step process for you to experience this every day, no matter what challenges your business faces. It starts with you booking a Vision Extraction.

Discovery Pathway

This 3 step pathway will bring meaning, purpose, and direction to the brand you’ve been desperate to grow.


Vision Extraction

One hour leadership discovery session to extract your purpose and vision.


Brand Strategy

The brain of your brand. It brings meaning and direction to the team and inspires brand loyalty and advocacy.


Brand Alignment Membership

An exclusive invitation only membership. For a fixed monthly fee, we’ll coach you to stay “on brand”, while sourcing new partnerships for brand growth.

Vision Extraction. Explained.

  • 1-hour leadership discovery session that provides the blueprint for your brand strategy.
  • We'll bring awareness to the your major life events, explaining how these will help you express an authentic brand.
  • We'll extract your purpose (why) and articulate your brands core message - afterwards, your brand will feel more real to you than ever.

Brand Strategy. Explained.

  • The brain of your brand. Your new brand strategy guides you to make better strategic decisions, sell the core message, and attract the right customers.
  • Promote your mission, purpose, promise, and vision with confidence to team members, partners, and customers.
  • Dramatically improve your sales numbers, positive impact of marketing, and the value of your content.

Brand Alignment Membership

  • Invitation only membership for brands committed to living by their brand strategy.
  • We'll source new partnerships that support your brands growth including web developers, investors, marketers and accountants.
  • Fixed monthly rate with unlimited contact hours using Slack and Zoom.

We offer one service and we do it well.
Brand Alignment.

Our discovery pathway is designed for leaders passionate about growing a meaningful brand.
“Make money leading a purposeful brand loved by you and others”.

Vision Extraction

Open up with us for 1-hour, and we'll extract your brands deeper meaning.

Brand Strategy

A 16-page document that articulates the essence of your brand with clarity and purpose, supporting your long term brand vision.

Brand Alignment Membership

We've extracted your vision and written the strategy. Now we're here to support your ongoing success.

Once Thynk got us aligned to our brand purpose, everything just started flowing. Kind of like the universe was telling us we’re on the right track.

Daniel Jones

Co-Founder, WPN.

Thank you for believing in my dream and keeping it so positive and encouraging. It’s nice to have someone on your side supporting the vision.

Lydia Scarpari

Owner, organix dog spa

It’s indescribable to explain how much information you’ve been able to extract. I didn’t realise I’d said that much in the Vision Extraction. I want to do more.

Dave Gorton


I don’t know where my brand would be if it wasn’t for Thynk. You’ve changed the course of our business, forever. Thank you for extracting our deeper purpose.

Kane Hansen

Director, True North Lifestyle

I don’t know where the Alpha Code Academy would be going if it wasn’t for your insight and vision. I really appreciate the work that you do!

Justin Dulihanty

Founder & HEad coach, alpha code academy

You have to find a way of working with Thynk. Intelligent, driven, inspiring and talented. Thynk…. and good things will happen to your business!

Rocky Amatulli

director, multiple australian brands

Meet Oli, The Founder

Before I figured out how to create brand alignment; the key to forward momentum, I struggled with countless ‘stuck’ moments as an aspiring business owner. I lacked meaningful forward momentum and direction. Regularly mediating and researching, I discovered a solution. When Thynk arrived, everything just started making sense. The process we followed is exactly that which we now use to serve our clients.

We believe that brands are an extension of their leaders, and that true forward momentum emerges from a deeper understanding of oneself. That’s why we designed the Vision Extraction as step one of the process. Having now seen so many brands experience alignment, accelerating their forward momentum, we know our authentic purpose.

The question is… do you?

Pricing that fits you

Step 1. Vision Extraction

$ 500
  • In this 1-hour video conferencing session we will bring awareness to your life journey, uprooting the how and why of your current brand. You'll walk away with a-ha moments and deep realisations that will help connect your new brand to your true mission, purpose, and long term brand vision.

    This includes a 15-page Vision Extraction presentation that becomes the blueprint for your brand strategy.

Step 2. Option One

$ 1,800
  • A self-guided discovery pathway to create your own brand strategy with educational videos and practical tasks.

    This includes a 16-page brand strategy and Brand Implementation Guide that will accelerate your forward momentum so you can grow your brand.

Step 2. Option Two

$ 2,500
  • We'll write brand strategy for you, with upto 5 revisions to ensure you're happy

Step 3. Brand Alignment Membership

$ 500
  • Get ongoing strategic support as you work on your brand


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