Case Study

Alpha Code Academy

How we transformed a personal coaching business into a reputable Academy enrolling students globally.

Originally named "Alpha Code", the Founder of this personal coaching business had a dream to deliver a far reaching positive impact on the lives on men globally. But what does that look and sound like? & how do we get there?

The Vision Extraction allowed us to ask a series of discovery questions that invited the Founder to enquire deep within as to what this brand really means to him and WHY, allowing us to articualte what he couldn't.

60-minutes into the Vision Extraction session we extracted an understanding of the motivation and purpose driving this purposeful brand. We then had the ingredients to turn this small business into a reputable brand.

Hear from the Founder.

"I don’t know where the Alpha Code Academy would be going if it wasn’t for your insight and vision. I really appreciate the work that you do!

Time and time again I come back to the Vision Extraction to remain motivated, on mission, and growing the brand to fuel more own personal purpose.

Absolute legends!"

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