Authentic Storytelling

A practical guide to authentic storytelling for brands.

"I don’t know where my brand would be if it wasn’t for Thynk. You’ve changed the course of our business, forever. Thank you for extracting our deeper purpose."
Kane Hansen

Connect With OTHERS

A story takes the audience on a journey to better understand you and your brand. It’s the first thing customers are beginning to look for. This is a step-by-step process that you can now access.


Want to “sell” more and feel challenged for being pushy? Telling a story allows you to be real with your customer whilst giving you permission to talk about your brand, and to feel good while doing it. Your story is special and deserves to be told through your brand.


Ever wonder what makes a good story? Why Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars are some of the highest grossing films? They tell a story the audience can follow. The product we’re offering you today will teach you how to do this with your brand story.

designed for business owners

Be inspired to grow

People who use this Storytelling Template unlock a deeper passion that inspires growth and forward moving action.

Stand out for being different

The world is full of business owners. This Template teaches you how to share your story, owning the fact that you're different.

Build trust with customers

Customers are too commonly mislead through marketing. Reconnect and build trust with this authentic Storytelling Template.

Connect with customers

We build relationships through storytelling. It's enjoyable and allows us to connect with others. Brands connect with customers in the same way.

Open up to your true self

While writing your brand story, you will find yourself reflecting on your own personal journey which will fill you with passion and inspiration.

Easy to use PDF

This storytelling PDF will teach you how to write the most emotive, captivating, and honest story for your brand. And it's EASY to use.


It's your brand. Do it your way.