One:One Brand coaching

Brand coaching that provides clarity and actionable steps so you can move forward and increase profit.

"I don’t know where my brand would be if it wasn’t for Thynk. You’ve changed the course of our business, forever."
Kane Hansen


You’ve been on a very special journey in your life, and it’s led you to launch this brand which now feels like it’s lacking direction, clarity, and you’re not sure where to turn next.

I personally have helped Founders with businesses of all sizes create powerful forward momentum. The coaching and strategic advice I’ve given has transformed people from feeling lost and confused, to experiencing clarity, direction, and ultimately more profit.

The greatest challenge as a Founder is that it often feels like we’re doing it alone (you’re not alone. I’m here with you). We make the decisions and we’re supposed to have all the answers. The truth is, we get clarity and direction more quickly by working with those who’ve been there before and have the answers.

That’s why you’re here. To address your current brand challenge and get absolute clarity about the future so you feel empowered, excited, and have a road map for growth.

I’ve helped generate millions of dollars in revenue for organisations by helping people get clarity about their brand so they can move forward and increase revenue”.


Whatever challenge you’re experiencing with your brand, our Founder, Oli Jenkinson, will join you on this One:One coaching call that will provide you with clarity, peace, and direction so that you can keep moving forward and increase profit.


Together, we’ll put together actionable steps that will help your brand move forward so that you can start feeling certain about the future, and gain clarity so you can get excited about where your brand is heading.

one:one Coaching.
Support the future of your brand


You can only grow your brand when you know which direction to head in. Otherwise you'll be forever testing ideas, messages, and products, only to lose the trust of your customers.


Clarity within your brand will enable you to grow in the right direction, and increase revenue.


You have an amazing product, but unfortunately that's not enough for people to trust in you, unless they know what you really stand for and can see the value of your brand.

Connect with customers

Brands with a message that's deeper, and more authentic than, "buy our great product", results in conversations. When you can connect with your customer, they'll feel motivated to tell others.

Your brand

This is your brand, deliver it to the world your way.


We provide you with clarity so you know what direction to take the brand. Your job is to take action so your brand can really grow.

Meet Oli, The Founder

The one thing I wish I knew before starting my first business was how to extract the vision and purpose, authentically.

That’s how I discovered this uniquely empowering process that has business owners, CEO’s, and Entrepreneurs leading a brand they truly love, feel connected to, and attracts the customers that value their product.

This process I have personally used to launch and grow 4 of my own brands in Australia and Indonesia, with clients accessing this program from all of the world.

I believe in you because you’re here. Your brand matters, and I’d love to see it really shine.

Your Brand, Your Way.