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Founders & Leaders we work with wish they had booked a Vision Extraction™ on day one of launching their brand.

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Everyone has a deeper purpose and so does every brand. Why? Brands are built by people. Meaningful brands are lead by purpose-driven leaders on 'mission'. We'll extract your purpose.


We'll extract your vision and turn it into a conscise, guiding philosophy that keeps you motivated, on the right path, & growing with purpose. Then we'll bring your Vision to Life™.


You're unique and so is your brand. With our support, you'll stay committed to your unique position, and embody an authentic core message. We'll discover this for you.

Hear from one of our clients.

"Once Thynk got us aligned to our brand purpose, everything just started flowing.

Kind of like the universe was telling us we’re on the right track."

-Dan Jones, Creative Director & Co-Founder

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