Vision Extraction by Thynk™

Increase revenue & extract your vision.

People we work with...

We work with motivated, passionate people to extract their vision, purpose, & mission so they can bring their Vision to Life™.

We take Founders & Leaders on a 3-Step Brand Discovery Pathway by extracting their vision, purpose,, and mission so that their brand can grow in the right direction.
We extract clarity and bring your Vision to Life™.

Your Vision to Life™


Once Thynk got us aligned to our brand purpose, everything just started flowing. Kind of like the universe was telling us we’re on the right track.

Daniel Jones

Co-Founder, WPN.

Thank you for believing in my dream and keeping it so positive and encouraging. It’s nice to have someone on your side supporting the vision.

Lydia Scarpari

Owner, organix dog spa

It’s indescribable to explain how much information you’ve been able to extract. I didn’t realise I’d said that much in the Vision Extraction. I want to do more.

Dave Gorton


I don’t know where my brand would be if it wasn’t for Thynk. You’ve changed the course of our business, forever. Thank you for extracting our deeper purpose.

Kane Hansen

Director, True North Lifestyle

I don’t know where the Alpha Code Academy would be going if it wasn’t for your insight and vision. I really appreciate the work that you do!

Justin Dulihanty

Founder & HEad coach, alpha code academy

You have to find a way of working with Thynk. Intelligent, driven, inspiring and talented. Thynk…. and good things will happen to your business!

Rocky Amatulli

director, multiple australian brands

Our discovery pathway...

Vision Extraction

Brand Strategy

Vision to Life Membership™


Your Vision to Life™

Why it works...

Founders & Leaders lacking clarity often become stuck and unsure of the future of their brand. By extracting an authentic long term vision, you, your team, and your customers, have a vision to believe in and work towards. Importantly, this vision becomes a fuel source for inspiration, innovation, and growth

… it all starts with the Vision Extraction

The Vision Extraction is the must-have blueprint for brand growth. A one-on-one discovery process where we ask a series of questions to extract your deeper purpose, and see your vision, so we can articulate your position and core message.

  • Feel a deeper connection with your brand
  • Attract loyal customers
  • Feel inspired to contribute, innovate and grow
  • Have a vision you truly want to bring to life

Vision Extraction Breakdown

Step 1.
Apply to work with us (click)

Step 2.
Book your Free Discovery Session (video call)

Step 3
If accepted, we’ll schedule a time to complete the Vision Extraction.
*We have back-up options available for those we deem ineligible for the Vision Extraction.

“Brands who are meaningful and viewed as making the world a better place
are outperforming the stock market by 134%”
– Meaningful Brands, 2019

The experience...

We’ll use the information we extracted to create a personalised Vision Extraction document that contains more purpose, clarity, and direction than you ever realised existed within you. Together we work through the information to create a plan which is our way of providing you with some powerful next steps to bring your Vision to Life.

77% of consumers buy brands who share their values

Are you ready to bring your Vision to Life™?

Apply to work with us by filling in our (super) simply 9-question survey. Eligibile clients experience profound gorwth and forward momentum. And don’t worry, if the Vision Extraction is not the right fit, we have back-up solutions to keep you moving forward with your vision.

Click the link below to apply.

The initial call is all about connection. You meet us, we meet you, and we learn if there’s a way we can serve your vision to create brand alignment.