Change your mindset (beliefs), change your company

Practical steps at the bottom of this article…

How you think is what you see, what you attract and what you create. Continuing to think the same way within your organisation will garner the same results. If doing the same thing and thinking the same way is working for you, keep doing it. That’s not a judgment nor designed to instill doubt, it’s an invitation to reflect and decide whether the current methodology should remain intact, or whether you and your organisation would benefit from a change.

The change we’re talking about is perceiving your brand, its people and the message you broadcast, as a way of contributing to customers and society in a positive. Whether you’re Patagonia (clothing brand), or run a local accounting business, you have the opportunity to create a mindset that what you do, what you’re passionate about, is a gift that contributes positively to the people you serve. All you need to do is embody the beliefs that you chose your current reality, and accept that profit alone will never completely fulfill you.

Profit is important. We create a living by making money and it’s one of several measures that indicate success. Purpose, contribution, philanthropy, and positive influence will also amplify the achievement you feel when you see thousands and thousands of dollars enter your bank account. It gives meaning to the money you’ve earned and will provide freedom in knowing you deserve the luxuries life has to offer. Let’s be clear, you deserve everything you’ve ever wanted, what we’re saying is that how you get there, by creating a mindset that focuses on purpose, contribution, and value, will allow for exponential growth and fulfillment you otherwise may struggle to experience. Ask the founder of Patagonia and the current CEO of Nike…

Profit (P) vs. Purpose + Profit (PP) vs. Purpose + People + Profit (PPP)

Naturally, PPP delivers a greater outcome.

Now you simply get to choose whether your current mindset is serving you and your organisation.

Practical steps to shift your mindset onto the 3P’s:
1. What is your organisations current most important measure of success (from the top-down)?
2. Draw a table with 3 columns and 4 rows.
3. In the columns from left to right, write Purpose, People, Profit.
4. Now write the 3 most important things you actively do to align with the brand purpose.
5. Write the 3 most important things you currently do to align your people to the brand purpose.
6. Write the 3 most important things you currently do to increase profit.
7. Of the 9 nine activities, how closely do each of these complement each other?

If there is a misalignment, your organisation will stagnate, eventually. People will leave due to lack of purpose and or belief in the organisation, customers will have trouble resonating with the message, and profit increases will be gained through tactics that don’t align with the brand.

Want to align your 3P’s? Contact us and we’ll help guide you through this process.

Oli Jenkinson
Author: Oli Jenkinson