Envision your brand, then feel your way through its development

Practical steps at the bottom of this article…

“Brand” is the core outcome for the work we do.

How we arrive at the outcome is what’s really important.

Who are we…

What do we stand for…


How should it look…

Understand the outcome, then get out your head and into your body. Feel what will make your brand really bloody grow and succeed in alignment with your true values o that can be integrated into your brand.

Thinking calls on the masculine brain… achievement, outcomes, success, growth, revenue, momentum…

Feeling calls on the feminine… intuition, emotion, creativity, integration, and listening.

Practical pricing strategy steps:
1. Write down why you want to review your pricing.
2. Ask yourself “What do I believe is limiting my belief around changing my prices?”
3. Write down how much you would like to charge. Just the number. Forget everything else.
4. Now, looking at what you charge today. calculate the gap between the current and proposed prices.
5. Now, ask yourself, “for me to charge this price and for my customer to get real value, I would need to…”
6. Review everything you have written and ask yourself, “what do I need to do in this moment to feel comfortable charging the proposed amount?”
7. Right now, go and do that thing you wrote down.

Still unsure? Contact us and we’ll help guide you through this process.

Oli Jenkinson
Author: Oli Jenkinson