Profit (P) vs. Purpose + Profit (PP) vs. Purpose + People + Profit (PPP)

Practical steps at the bottom of this article…

Why focusing on purpose makes an organisation powerful.

Here’s a concept developed at thynk. consulting that will inspire tremendous forward momentum, growth, and fulfillment. The concept is simple.

Imagine that ‘P‘ represents a measure of success and fulfillment.

Believe that focusing on ‘Profit‘ is worth one P.

Now believe that integrating a focus on ‘Purpose + Profit‘ is worth two P’s.

Then consider that if you focus on ‘Purpose + People + Profit‘ you’ll have a sum total of 3 P’s.

Focusing your energy and value on profit alone will be three times less fulfilling and impactful than if you integrated equal value and importance across all 3.

Why equal?

If you focus on purpose without profit you won’t have a business.

If you focus on people more than purpose, your brand’s purpose will align with the people rather than the people align to the purpose.

If you focus on profit, you’ll make decisions that will eventually misalign to the brand’s purpose, while the people follow in suit, and without purpose, or aligned people, you have an eventual lack of forward momentum… ask the leadership of any company that only cares about targets.

Invest your time, energy and resources into all three areas of equal proportion daily and we guarantee your business will enjoy these outcomes:

  1. Happier people because they’re aligned to, and believe in, the brand purpose
  2. Profit will increase by alining to the brand purpose which builds trust with people
  3. A purpose that makes a difference and fulfils people while generating profit.

Practical steps to embody the PPP concept:
1. Write down which area you feel you (and your organisation) focus on the most.
2. Write down why your organisation started in the first place.
3. Ask your team what they feel the brand purpose is.
4. Define your brand’s purpose with a strong, concise statement.
5. Review your brand presence (digital and traditional) and evaluate how closely what you’re seeing and reading aligns with the brand purpose.
6. Run fortnightly ‘purpose’ meetings with your people, creating alignment and belief in the direction.
7. When you report on profit, include a reference to how purpose contributed to profit and specifically comment on how your people aligned positively to the purpose which helped generate profit.
8. At the end of every business day, write down 3 ways in which you aligned to each of the 3 P’s.

Unsure how to focus on each of the 3 P’s equally? Contact us and we’ll help guide you through this process.

Oli Jenkinson
Author: Oli Jenkinson