Case Study: WPN, Prepared for Anything

Brand Name: WPN
Tagline: Prepared for anything
Purpose: Men’s mental health awareness
Product: Men’s active and lifestyle apparel
Impact: WPN Sessions (free community events that support men’s mental health)

Dan Jones
Darren Nankivell

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We started working with WPN in 2018. The brand was selling incredible products loved by its customers. Visually, the brand was impeccable. Their branding, website, product packaging, and social media represented the brand at a really high level. They also had a strong intention to deliver a social impact by raising awareness for men’s mental health; but there was something missing.

WPN was focused heavily on growing its revenue and lost touch with the deeper purpose behind the brand. When we met the conversation began around “how do we improve our marketing“. At that time, their marketing efforts were predominantly focused on organic growth. What we learned after spending time discussing their challenges, is that the brand needed a vision, and to reconnect with why the Co-Founders launched the brand in the first place.


Before Thynk

The most concise way to describe the brand before working with Thynk was a “premium men’s activewear brand“. This in itself is not a challenge. Many brands exist with a core focus of selling high value and high quality products, without putting time and energy into the core of the brand. Again, completely OK. However, many brands that experience the greatest amount of growth, impact, and fulfillment, are those that have a deeper layer of purpose, direction, and value beyond the product.


After Thynk

What we did was reconnect the Co-Founders, often limiting their strategic discussions between just one another, to why the brand launched in the first place. We talked about the experience that Co-Founder Darren Nankivell went through when he was presented with an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety while working as a National Australian Engineering Manager. This led us down a path of figuring out what both Co-Founders wanted WPN to stand for. And how the brand would then attract the right staff, share the right message, and connect with its customers. What we did was to extract the vision of the brand, the core message, and purpose in such a way that now, customers love the brand for its product and purpose, and the team feels driven and motivated for growth because the business is about more than just the money.

As a result, the brand has increased its revenue, onboarded more aligned influencers, secured partnerships, launched free public events that support local communities, and hired staff who are incredibly passionate about the purpose, the product, and the impact.

The brand is now better aligned with the statement:
“Men’s athletic and lifestyle apparel brand known for raising men’s mental health awareness, helping men prepare for what life throws their way”.


The Process

We have a very specific discovery and strategic approach to unlocking this for clients. Every brand has the potential to create this kind of positive ripple both within, and external to, the organisation. We do this by unlocking what we call “The Feedback Loop”.

This cycle represents the cyclical process for brands seeking growth, forward momentum, and a deeper reason for being that creates both a positive ripple and generates income.

The core deliverables in this discovery pathway which serves Founders and brands are the:

  • Vision Extraction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Vision Program

The Vision Extraction is a process whereby we interview Founders, extract their core truths, inspirations, and story. We present this using a document that creates a blueprint for what the brand could be. It invites the current brand challenge, the desired outcome of our process, and presents an invitation to write brand strategy for the future. Think of the Vision Extraction like the foreword in a book.

We then produce a brand strategy. This is something you’ll be more familiar with. It’s the core identity of the brand. We write out your mission, vision, values, purpose, and more… These core components of a brand are necessary for creating a brand that is destined to grow, be well received, and be perceived as trustworthy, integrity, and value. The goal with this document is that over time, the core information provided is embodied by the team, and without knowing it, their customers too. The greatest power of the brand strategy is that is makes decision-making easier, allows marketing, advertising, recruitment, and investor pitches to represent the brand consistently. People trust what they see repeatedly with consistency. Brands that “try new things” all the time, without having a central filtering process for which ideas to run with becoming unstable, and less trustworthy. Of course, testing is a necessity. BUT, the tests should all still align with the core brand strategy. Think of the Brand Strategy as the pages inside a book. This is something we help integrate through our Vision Program.

The Vision Program is where we turn your newly discovered brand into a growth machine. We help you move forward with your vision, provide live One:One fortnightly coaching, and seek out strategic partnerships to support the growth of the brand. We also use our network and communication resources to source other businesses that will enable your growth. This could include accountants, lawyers, marketers, designers, and recruiters. This program operates as a monthly retainer and is invite-only as we invest our time and resources only into clients that are motivated to grow and invest both their time and money into the project. Think of this as the process of distributing your book to the masses.

Brands, like WPN, have two options, discover the brand as you go and see what works overtime, or create a strong foundation that speaks to the authenticity of the brand so that there’s less guesswork, and more stability within the team and operation.

If you’d like to learn more, book a Free Clarity Call with us today.

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