Using a ‘contribution mindset’ to create more happy customers

Practical steps at the bottom of this article…

“How can we increase conversions”. vs. “How can we serve more people”.

Take your focus to support the delight of customers and you will be rewarded with more conversions.

Focus on wanting more conversions and you’ll think of quick wins to ‘convert web traffic’ (remember, web traffic is code for ‘people wanting support’) like promotions, sense of urgency tactics, bribe-to-subscribes (the name has bribe in it… what does that say about the tactic!?), discounting, ‘leverage’ your customer base…

The focus and language used around tactics will reflect the position of your brand, the thought process of your people and the intention… your customers and people may simply not be aware of the connotations around the language, but their subconscious will be. Moreover, ideas to serve more people will result in people being served, not sold to. Sit with that thought for a minute. Do you see ‘conversions’ as people seeking support, as money in the back, or something else? WHatever focus and intention is placed around marketing will result in exactly that message being communicated and received by the customer.

Practical steps to embody the ‘contribution mindset’:
1. Update all of your web reports that reference ‘web traffic’ to ‘people’ (e.g. New Visitors = New People, Users = People…). This will remind you and your team that every interaction with your brand is a person (potential customer) connecting with another ‘person’ (your brand)
2. Write down all of your current ‘conversion tactic’s’ and focus on those that truly serve your customers in a positive meeting.
3. Call a 15-minute meeting with your team and ask them “what’s the purpose behind increasing conversions?”. The answer you’re looking for is “so we can serve/help more people”.

If you circled any less than 50% of your items from point 2, or the most common answer to point 3 was “more business/ revenue/ profit/ customer acquisition”, contact us and we’ll help you shift this mindset so your brand better aligns to its purpose, people and profit.

Oli Jenkinson
Author: Oli Jenkinson