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Strategy that aligns people, purpose, and profits.

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Our Conscious Strategic Brand process will connect you with your passion, inspire forward momentum for growth and tap into your organisations higher purpose.

The Alignment Project is one of our core services and works because it fuses your purpose, people and profit in an ethical way that contributes to the betterment of customers and society at large. The end result is fulfilled leaders, happier staff and positively impacted customers. Clients enjoy long term growth and relief in knowing their brand has direction.

Purpose-Driven Mission

People are loyal to a meaningful brand,
What an idea, ain’t that grand.
They’re hungry for an experience to tell a friend,
Recruiting more people who are likely to spend.
Focus on your customers desire to thrive,
And in return, you’ll impact their lives.
There must be a ‘reason’ that’s more than money,
Coz give it some time + you’ll feel kind of funny.

Let’s find your ‘why’ and shout it aloud,
Your brand’s gotta stand well above the crowd.
We totally get that you really want profit,
Invest in thynk. and we’ll make you more of it.
We’re here to tell you,
And broaden your view,
Invest in your brand’s perception,
To quickly develop a sense of direction.

Our Purposeful Clients

Our Clients

… put purpose before profit, and people before promotion.

Health, Fitness & Wellbeing


Experience Based

Clothing + Apparel

Beauty + Selfcare

Food + Nutricion

Travel + Accomodation



We believe that our clients have a desire to release a purposeful brand to the market that customers really love.

We also believe that brands have a responsibility to use conscious marketing as a means to connect people with products and services that they’ll really love.

Our philanthropic contribution is helping leaders become clear on their purpose, align people with the brand, and deliver real, positive messages to customers who will actually benefit from becoming a long term, loyal customer.

Some of the ways we support clients

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Messaging

Purpose (Your Why)

Customer Experience Design

Conscious Branding & Marketing

Find + Integrate Social Conscience

Innovation that adds value

Here's our ‘why’...

Once [Thynk Consulting] got us aligned to our brand purpose, everything just started flowing. Kind of like the universe was telling us we’re on the right track”.
~ Daniel Jones, Director WPN.