What We Impact

We help Founders build purpose-driven
brands that deliver a positive social impact.
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“Purpose is the reason why a company or a brand exists.
Purpose sits firmly at the center of a brand’s vision and informs every business decision.”.

– Forbes, 2019

The Feedback Loop

We discovered a positive feedback loop for brands that serves the Founder, team, and customers at the highest level. We extract our clients why, position this as a brand purpose, and then connect their purpose with a social impact (which also inspires sales).

How We Support Clients

The following case studies showcase brands we’ve taken through our 3 step brand discovery & growth pathway.


Vision Extraction

One on one interview and analysis with the objective of extracting your mission, vision, values, and purpose.


Brand Strategy

The brand strategy informs every decision you make with consistency. This will increase efficiency, revenue, and keep your brand on the right path.


Vision Retainer

We invite select clients onto our Vision Retainer for strategic direction, growth marketing partnerships, and will be introduced to our brand partners.

Before & After

Premium men’s activewear brand.

Men’s athletic and lifestyle apparel brand known for raising men’s mental health awareness, helping men prepare for what life throws their way.


Co-Founder Darren Nankivell was working as an National Engineering manager when work became “too much”. He was overwhelmed, stressed, and experienced powerfully uncomfortable anxiety. This inspired the question… “Why does WPN really matter?”

This is how mental health became a focus for the brand.


Unsure how to integrate their why, Co-Founders Dan and Darren started donating 10% of profits to a charity which was cutting into their margins and inhibiting growth as a start-up.

Through strategic re-alignment, we were able to extract a new vision and write a brand strategy that serves their desire to give back.

Social Impact

After approving the brand strategy, Co-Founders Dan and Darren became inspired for growth. Every dollar earned now served a purpose, and gave the team a deeper meaning. WPN Sessions was then born. These free community events brought their brand purpose to life by creating a community that supports men’s mental health.  


Now equipped with a brand purpose that fuels the team, and a social impact that delivers a positive impact, the team started increasing revenue. How? There was a high level of alignment between leadership, the team, and a deeper connection with customers. Clothing and custom apparel sales are now growing.

Before & After

Men’s coach (personal brand).

The Alpha Code Academy is a men’s development brand delivering programs that teaches men how to thrive in all areas of their life.


Founder Justin Dulihanty spent many years, and more than AU$500,000 trying to overcome his mental/ emotional challenges. This inspired the Justin to become a mental health coach. 

Despite getting great results, clients weren’t sharing their brand experience, leaving Justin fighting for new clients.


Clients were ashamed of sharing their experience with the Alpha Code. This made brand growth challenging. Instead, Justin wanted his clients to be proud that they had completed the online program.

We evolved the brand into a Men’s Development Academy that turned ashamed clients into proud students and graduates.

Social Impact

We extracted the vision and wrote a brand strategy with a super aligned message, mission, and values. The online programs sold by the brand actually deliver a social impact every time a student graduates, so our role was to enable the brand to increase sales, whilst maintaining integrity.


The ACA has completely elevated it’s visual branding, rebuilt their assets, and even employs graduates as Support Leaders to continue growing the brand. These are just a couple of the strategic innovations we uncovered for Justin. While on our Vision Retainer, we sourced them brand designers, marketers, and a PR agency.

Before & After

Dog groomer.

Melbourne’s dedicated wellness retreat for dogs (guests) introducing happier and healthier pups to the world every day, combining grooming and wellness.


Founder Lydia Scarpari worked in the animal services industry, and overtime, after seeing animals in the dog grooming industry being mistreated, decided she would stop working for others.

She knew the dog wellness angle had merit, though she lacked belief, clarity, the right messaging, and was afraid she would lose clients.


For Lydia, her dog spa needed to be different. Organix Dog Spa was ready to integrate the Organix Dog Spa part of the brand name into the entire customer experience, and overall brand messaging.

Clear on the direction, we were able to turn the limiting beliefs surrounding the brand (wellness), into the brands greatest strength.

Social Impact

By creating a dog (guest) experience that was tightly aligned to the concept of wellness for dogs, Organix Dog Spa started fully living the brand purposeTo use dog grooming services that introduced happier, healthier pups into the world everyday. Now successfully delivering an impact!


Fear and belief were Lydia’s greatest brand challenges. “We might lose revenue”. By being too niche, clients would stop coming. She trusted us and integrated the new brand strategy into Organix. This actually supported revenue growth, increased the average customer value, and aided in attracting new customers.

Growth & Impact

What makes our clients different is that they want to grow and also deliver a positive social impact. Social impact inspires authentic growth, and makes the process of growing more enjoyable. Imagine generating more revenue whilst feeling truly fulfilled in the process? Imagine your whole team feeling this way, including sales, finance, and operations.


But first, lets get to know one another