The 3P Formula

Purpose + People + Profit = Brand Alignment

The 3P Formula

You feel stuck. Your brand feels stuck. You’ve lost touch with the things that give meaning to your work.

We work with leaders to create brand alignment. The key to brand alignment is The 3P Formula.

This webpage provides you with information to understand the 3 essential parts to creating brand alignment – purpose, people, & profit.

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Reconnect with your purpose
Invite your people on the journey
Increase profit by living your brand purpose
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"Once [Thynk Consulting] got us aligned to our brand purpose, everything just started flowing. Kind of like the universe was telling us we’re on the right track”
Thynk. Leader & Founder WPN.

The 3P Formula





Brand Alignment


The thing that’s bigger than people and profit that ignites passion. It’s the reason people want to be a part of your brand, and your compass for knowing the work you do has meaning.

… connecting your brand with purpose is the most critical step for creating forward momentum.

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Purpose gives meaning to your brand and an authentic reason for people to be loyal to what your brand represents.

  • Feel a deeper connection with your brand
  • Attract loyal customers
  • Feel inspired to contribute, innovate and grow
  • Work towards a long term vision

In Summary

Uncovering, rediscovering or refocusing on your brands purpose changes everything about what you do day in, day out, and why you do it.

It’s important because we all know that wealth feels good. We also know that by doing something meaningful with our time feels good. Combining the two is more fulfiling than either ‘money’ or ‘purpose’ can feel in isolation. It’s why Patagonia, Apple, Lego, Google, Ikea and are so successful.

“Brands who are meaningful and viewed as making the world a better place
are outperforming the stock market by 134%”
– Meaningful Brands, 2019

Now the fact you’re here means that you do value your business, and you do want it to grow, contribute to customers and be incredibly profitable.

What we know is that focusing on the profit first, instead of purpose, results in tactics to increase profits. Doing so will almost always result in damage to the brand and less happy customers. Why? Because your mindset and actions are focused on making money instead of pleasing customers that love what your brand represents. And guess what, when you’re serving people through contribution, they can connect with your message and invest in your brand.

77% of consumers buy brands who share their values


People means customers, team members, contractors and partners. Do they know what your brand really stands for?

… people want to believe in something more than revenue growth

People are the essence of what happens inside and outside your business. Without them, you have no business, without you they lack purpose and fulfilment. Consider everyone who touches your brand as your people.

  • Understand what your people really want, believe and value
  • Contribute positively without an expectation of return
  • Inspire loyalty, advocacy and alignment

In Summary

Thinking of your customers and employees as ‘people’ really grounds a business. It shifts the objective of what your brand is doing to contribute positively to those it reaches – we give you something, you like what we offer, you might give us something back (your commitment and money).

Consider what you’re reading right now. We acknowledge that you are a person with a challenge or vision, and you want support. If you choose to request access to work with us, then great, if not, our contribution to you as a person is free resources that help you Thynk differently and learn about The 3P Formula.

Conscious of it or not, people want to connect with people.
And people that care become loyal through that connection.

If you want your people (customers and employees) to be loyal advocates who believe in the brand, you need to have a purpose. The beautiful thing is there’s purpose behind every business, you simply may not have quite figured it out yet, or may have trouble articulating it.

Customers will spend more money with a brand, and team members work more diligently, if it gives back to them in a deeper, more meaningful way. 

The hard truth is discounts, paychecks, promotions and making a load of noise are much less likely to create advocacy.

Equally, people working in a business function are often less inspired than people who are part of a brand.

It’s our job to focus on customers as real people with needs and a desire to ‘belong’… to be a part of something. When we extract your brands purpose and share the story with the community authentically, people aligned to the purpose will want to be a part of it. Think about any yoga studio around the world… you’ll only find yogi’s working and practising there – you’ll never find an overweight, grumpy middle-aged man or woman at reception in a yoga studio, will you?

People connect with people. And life is a series of stories to be shared. Your brand has a story formed from the experience of its people. Use that to connect with those around you, paying customers or not.

People who feel aligned to the brands purpose contribute more.


Make money. As much as you can, if that’s what you want. Just consider which approach feels best.

… make money through loyal brand advocates

Profit is something every leader wants. Whether it’s for themselves, their team, or their cause. Working with The 3P Formula doesn’t change this, in fact, it amplifies your ability to satisfy this desire too. Even not-for-profits want to make a lot of money. So naturally, profit has been included so that the motivation behind your profit aligns with the purpose. Because why just make money when you can make money AND know that you and your people are aligned to your meaningful brand?

In Summary

This is a contentious topic. The reason for this is that we at Thynk even had challenges around including profit as a part of the formula. We originally tried to be so philanthropic with our cause in creating meaningful brands that our efforts in helping people thynk differently about brands wasn’t making our brand any money.


Well, we all need money to maintain the business, it’s employees and our own personal lifestyle.

The missing ingredient of The 3P Formula was the money, so instead of fighting it, we explored how and why we could complete the formula… PROFIT (and it just so happened to also start with the letter P – win!)

Money is a good thing.
It gives us all the ability to create a lifestyle and environment we value.
Say yes to money.

If you’re motivated by purpose and contribution
only, you may find a lack of worth being experienced. All the energy you put into the brand is rewarded through advocacy  and loyalty which is demonstrated through an exchange of money.

Profit is an empowering gift allowing you to do more of what you love, and give more to the people that love you for it.

You can probably see why the 3rd piece of the puzzle has been so important, right? And why the inclusion of both purpose and people results in the formula producing results.

We can promise, almost without exception, that generating profit from your brand that contributes positively will feel MUCH better than simply hitting monthly targets.


Have a meanginful brand that you and others love, they’ll be loyal and you’ll make money. Focus on contributing positively and the profit will become a bi-product of the good work your brand is doing, whether it’s cutting hair, making clothes or a University.

77% of consumers buy brands who share their values

Want to know more?

The leaders we work with are hungry to experience Brand Alignment so that they make more money, become proud of their business, and have a loyal following.

If you’re motivated, the first step of the process is booking a Vision Extraction call. This is a powerful 1-hour session that allows us to learn about you and extract your vision.

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The initial call is all about connection. You meet us, we meet you, and we learn if there’s a way we can serve your vision to create brand alignment.