Vision extraction

Brand discovery for passionate business owners.

"I don’t know where my brand would be if it wasn’t for Thynk. You’ve changed the course of our business, forever. Thank you for extracting our deeper purpose."
Kane Hansen

know your purpose

Discover your true purpose so that every day you’re remind of how important your brand really is. It’s the secret ingredient to growth and creating a positive social impact. Feel good while you make more money.

be unique

Stand out by understanding what makes your business different. Whatever you’re selling, there will be thousands of others people doing the same. Learn how to explain what makes yours so different and special.

Be Authentic

Customers are craving great experiences from authentic brands. Become self-aware so you know what’s really driving you from deep within, then shortlist your core values.

designed for business owners

Be inspired to grow

People that complete this program unlock a deeper passion that inspires growth and forward moving action.

Stand out for being different

The world is full of business owners. This program teaches you how to stand out for being different, whilst being true to yourself.

Build trust with customers

Customers have been mislead and lied to so many times, they have trouble trusting businesses. With this program, you''ll build trust, authentically.

Connect with customers

Learn how to connect with your customers by being 100% true to yourself, and your brand vision.
You will become deeply connected.

Open up to your true self

This journey will allow your brand to be a true reflection of who you really are, so say goodbye to the naysayers. It's your time to shine!

Easy to use interface

We designed this program experience to be simple, take the least amount of effort, while delivering the most powerful results.

extract your vision

It's your brand. Do it your way.