Introducing “thynk. brands”

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve come across an organisation that is a Certified “thynk. brand“.

This means that the leaders chose to work with thynk. consulting to achieve 3 core objectives: Develop a meaningful brand Deliver positive customer experiences Contribute to society (do good)

Why this matters

The 3 core objectives above align leaders with their brand, and their brand with their customers. When this is done well, you know that you can trust that organisation to only promote products and services in a way that supports a positive experience for you. They won’t use tactics that manipulate you to spend money with them. Instead, they’ve taken the time to understand what their customers want, how they can live up to their promise to the customer, and take pride in growing their brand “doing the right thing”.

“thynk. brands” also have a desire to give back. They will have found a way to authentically deliver value to society that makes a positive impact. Some “thynk. brands” offer free education, raise funds for charities, run public events, or use environmentally sustainable practices.

We at “thynk. consulting” would like you to know that we only work with brands that we have confidence will live up to these values. We’re all customers, and we deserve the best from the organisations we shop at.