Escape the Rat Race and Unlock the Game-Changing Secret Behind Successful Brands

What if you could stop feeling stuck...and start moving with purpose towards your dream?

What if you could create a community around your brand and forge REAL connections with your audience?

What if you could finally feel heard and seen by the right people?

12-Steps To Powerful, Authentic Brand Storytelling

The hidden power you can unlock today

Hi, I’m Oli, the founder of Thynk

We’re a team of brand experts and storytellers who help entrepreneurs like you uncover their hero’s journey and articulate their brand’s vision & purpose to drive growth & social impact

We’ve worked with dozens of Founders that have bravely decided to follow their dreams and make a difference. Their stories are similar in many ways. They launch a business that has the potential to take off, but somehow they end up getting pulled into a great pit of quicksand: the roadblocks, energy slumps and responsibilities that come with the territory. The daily grind.

As they’re struggling to claw their way out, the brand purpose slowly blurs out into a messy haze. Survival mode kills creativity. It kills the very essence of a brand. And if the brand essence dies, the business soon follows. 

These passionate, hard-working Founders end up feeling lost and stuck.

These entrepreneurs have tried it all to drive success and increase revenue. They’ve spent most of their hard-earned on advertising, agencies, sales reps and workshops. They’ve been coached by business “experts”. Read the right books. Followed the right people. Heard promise after promise. Got their hopes up and paid huge invoices thinking “Maybe THIS is it”. Maybe things started moving in the right direction…but then everything fizzled out as other problems came up. 

What’s missing here?  Why does success slip through the cracks so easily? Is it just that some people are meant to “make it” while others aren’t? Is it a matter of working harder? Of being less of this and being more of that? 

Not at all. 

Great entrepreneurs get stuck too. Successful people get stuck too.  It happens to all of us. And when it does, we often look outside for an answer, but what if it’s been under our nose all along? What if there’s a hidden power any business can unlock today to finally escape that pit of quicksand?

Brands that TELL versus brands that SELL

While you’re stuck in the rat race, the “big boys” are playing an entirely different ball game.

Successful brands don’t sell. They tell. And now you can become one of them.

Introducing 12-Steps To Powerful, Authentic Brand Storytelling

12-Steps To Powerful, Authentic Brand Storytelling is an online course that reveals the simple steps we’ve been using to extract the stories behind the brands we’ve worked with. What made us embark on this teaching journey?

It all started with a simple question: 

What makes some businesses grow & thrive while others quickly get chewed up and spat out by the market, despite having a great offering? 

We thought about all those epic brands out there. 

The answer was always the same. 

These brands leverage the power of storytelling to forge deep connections with their followers. They don’t just sell products/services and solve problems. They also share stories and empathize.

They’ve turned humanity into a premium. 

Here’s a little secret no one’s told you before: buying is emotional. We buy when we feel a certain way about a product (we react to the story behind it & how it resonates with us), then justify the purchase with reason (the product’s features and benefits).

Our storytelling course will help you…

…find your vision, purpose and brand essence…

humanize your brand…

…forge authentic connections with your customers…

…build long lasting trust & loyalty…

…and stand out in a sea of sameness.

Don’t take our word for it

We’ve been fortunate to work with entrepreneurs from all paths of life. Here’s what they have to say about it.

“I don’t know where the Alpha Code Academy would be going if it wasn’t for your insight and vision. I really appreciate the work that you do!”

Justin Dulihanty, Founder of Alpha Code Academy

“I don’t know where my brand would be if it wasn’t for Thynk. You’ve changed the course of our business, forever. Thank you for extracting our deeper purpose.”

Kane Hansen, Director of True North Lifestyle

“Thank you for believing in my dream and keeping it so positive and encouraging. It’s nice to have someone on your side supporting the vision.”

Lydia Scarpari, Owner of Organix Dog Spa

This course is for you if…

  1. You’re feeling stuck and lack a sense of direction in business. 
  2. You’ve unsuccessfully been trying to grow your business.
  3. You find it difficult to explain your brand beyond your product or service.
  4. You feel like you’re not being heard or that your work doesn’t matter.
  5. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves, do the work and discover a deeper meaning.

Here’s what you’ll learn

This is a 12-step program that teaches you how to extract your hero’s journey and build your brand’s story. Each step is followed by an action item that allows you to put into practice what you’ve just learned.

“I already know my brand’s story”

First of all…congrats, that’s amazing! If you already know your brand’s story, this course will help you structure it and offer you even more clarity as you write it down. You might also discover new details and nuances to enhance the story with.

“How will this help me explain my brand better?”

This course helps you understand the different chapters of your journey so far and puts the whole brand into perspective. It offers you clarity, which in turn helps you choose your direction and create an effective communication strategy. Once you find your “why”, your “how” becomes crystal clear.

“What if I fall behind?”

We know how busy you are, so every section only contains bite-sized essentials and an assignment you can work on when you have time. This course also comes with lifetime access, so you can work at your own pace AND also come back to it whenever you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions before joining? No problem we’ve answered our most frequent questions below to help you with your purchasing decision.

This ties back to our own “why”. We want to help as many businesses as possible find their voice and purpose. This course is one way for us to do just that. 

We firmly believe every business has huge potential to grow and drive positive social impact. But a big part of this potential is left untapped. So we’ve decided to give away this tried-and-tested storytelling process that can put businesses on the right track to fulfillment and success.

It depends on you, really. The video content itself shouldn’t take more than an hour to view. However, each section ends with a fun written assignment you need to submit before you proceed. Don’t worry, no one will be “grading” it. This is so that you can put the pieces of your brand story together by the end of the course.

Absolutely! We’re always happy to help and have a chat about your progress or offer you the guidance you need!