What we do

Extract your vision.

Shyft. your myndset.

Align your purpose, people and profit.

Generate forward momentum.

Educate for continual growth.

thynk. services

“The Forward Thynkr.”

An Advisory Membership with a fixed monthly fee that ALL thynk. consulting clients sign up to.
Clients get unlimited access to our founding thynkr. via phone, message, Zoom and Slack on rolling 3-month contracts.

“Contribution Consulting”

Strategic consulting with deliverables that together, we agree thynk. consulting should put time into developing. These projects will contribute to the success of your brand, leaders, team, customers or society at large.

The Alignment Project

The alignment project is undertaken by the majority of thynk. consulting clients. It aligns purpose, people and profits so that your business can grow sustainably, long term. Your brand will make more sense, and you’ll gain strong forward momentum.

Stage One:
Vision Extraction

Stage Two:
Customer Experience Research & Design
Team Experience Research & Design

Stage Three:
Brand Strategy

Stage Four:
Brand Identity & visual language

Stage Five:
Implementation Plan

Stage Six:
Implementation Consulting

Stage Seven:
Innovation Development

Myndset. Shyft

Mindset education for professionals. This product has been developed to serve the business community by asking “yes, why?”. You’ve been asking yourself ‘why’. Why do we do things “this way” or “that way”, surely we can do things differently? You want a work environment that will result in happier team members, more loyal customers, and a brand with real purpose that increases profit.

Some of the areas we support

Brand Strategy
Customer Experience
Conscious Leadership Coaching
Guest Speaking
Pricing Strategy
Value-add Innovation
New Product Development
… and more

Thank you for believing in my dream and keeping it all so positive and encouraging.
I don’t always get that impression from people around me.
It’s nice to have someone tell you you’re doing good.”

Lydia scarpari
Organix Dog Spa

Let’s align