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thynk. consulting

thynk. consulting works with leaders who have, or want to have, a purpose and vision driving their brand forward. Leaders who want to align their brand, people and customers to generate profit in an authentic way.

We’re an Australian consultancy offering conscious branding and marketing that aligns people, purpose, and profit.

We focus on making your people (customers and team) happier and living in alignment with your brand’s purpose.

thynk. consulting is a brand focused on bringing more awareness to business people so that brands can stand for something special and contribute to the betterment and fulfillment of society.

Our Purpose

Organisations will be more successful when they choose to make their focus on positive contribution. They will gain forward momentum, have happier, aligned team members and be offering real value to customers and non-customers.

Many organisations either don’t know about this method, or they feel stuck trying to create it.

thynk. consulting addresses this challenge through education, strategy and innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate people on how to create and promote purposeful brands and embody a conscious business mindset.

We understand the vision, create strategy and inspire forward momentum for brands and people that the team and customers value.

We want every brand in the world to leverage its purpose for positive contribution and wealth.

Our Values


Finding ways to contribute positively


Inspiring forward momentum


Support others in thynking differently


achieving your goals and ours


Making organisations fun!


Strong, authentic relationships

Our People

thynk. consulting is run by its Founding thynkr, Oli.

Visions delivered are supported by thynk. partners.

He launched thynk. consulting after immersing himself in brand, marketing, leadership and personal development. Oli has married marketing and consciousness in organisations by integrating purpose, delighting its people, and increasing profits.

“Meaningful Brands outperform the stock market by 134%”
– Havas Media, “Meaningful Brands 2019”

Oli Jenkinson

Strategy & Advice

A bit about Oli, as a person:

Oli is on the planet to make a difference; giving back to the community and living a life in alignment with his personal values. Adventure, connection, a social conscience & making the most of every moment.

The ‘good’ he’s doing

Oli is a strategist, creative thinking + dreamer. He connects well with people and can quickly visualise clients brand visions. He’s helping leaders gain forward momentum and building conscious brands that give back to its people (customers & team).

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thynk. consultant

A bit about ..., as a person:

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The ‘good’ he’s doing

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thynk. consultant

A bit about ..., as a person:

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The ‘good’ he’s doing

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