Why You’re Here

We understand that you’re here to address a challenge or experience growth. What you’re likely unsure of is what the next step should be.

Here are some of the typical reasons clients come to thynk. consulting:

More sales

“We want more sales. We’re advertising and running sales all the time, but we’re not retaining customers or increasing profits. We have a great product and need to increase our revenue. There’s got to be a better way”.

Who are we, really?

“Revenue is strong, and there are indications of growth, though it feels like something is missing. The business is lacking purpose. We’ve been operating for a while, pouring blood, sweat + tears into growth and now we feel the brand should represent more than just sales while we continue to grow”.

Initiatives, Initiatives, Initiatives

“Our team, and sometimes our agency partners, are coming up with loads of initiatives. There’s a lot of ideas, we just don’t know where to best focus our energy to do right by our team and customers, while keeping aligned to the brand”.

No Man’s Land

“We’re out of ideas. We’ve tried all sorts. Run brainstorming sessions. Tested marketing campaigns. We’re really not sure what’s missing or what direction we should be heading”.

Complaining Customers

“Our customers aren’t happy. At least not happy enough. The number of happy vs. unhappy customers makes us uncomfortable and we know they deserve the best”.


“What should we be charging? Is it enough; perhaps too much?”

Long Term Sustainability

“We want our brand to be around long after we’re gone, and to continue delivering positive customer experiences”.

The Next Step

“We’ve got a successful personal brand or small business and it’s time to step it up. We want to grow”.

Personal Brand to Company Brand

“My personal brand, using my image, is becoming incredibly successful. Now I want to evolve this into a company brand separate to my own identity”.

Mindset & Guidance

“I’m a business leader and I’m feeling stuck. Instead, I want forward momentum”.

Create brand alignment